Tech Japan Advocates was launched in May 2019 as a Global Tech Advocates’ chapter.

Our mission is to connect Japan’s innovation start-ups and its companies, investors and universities with innovators and institutions around the world. Tech Japan Advocates seeks to ensure that Japanese innovators gain visibility on the world stage, equal to those innovation communities in Silicon Valley, London, and other innovation centers.

We do this via more than 12,000 members of Global Tech Advocates (GTA) and its many chapters. One of these is Tech London Advocates (TLA), which is the hub of Global Tech Advocates and linked with its chapters and sub-chapters world-wide.

Tech Japan Advocates Services

TJA aims to provide several services to our members during the balance of 2020 and into 2022, some of which have been paused during the Covid-19 crisis:

  • Introductions to overseas innovation communities via the Global Tech Advocates Network
  • Newsletters from Tech Japan Advocates and Global Tech Advocates
  • White papers (e.g., UK corporate innovation report, etc.)
  • Participation in mentoring workshops and seminars with overseas investors and other go-to-market experts
  • Access to other Tech Japan Advocates and Global Tech Advocates networking events

Please see Events & News section for more information about Tech Japan Advocates and Global Tech Advocates, or email info@techjapan-advocates.org.


Tech Japan Advocates membership is open to anyone, and the group has no joining or membership fees. Advocates invite Advocates, and many Advocates will: Lead the Working Groups; Facilitate introductions to other Advocates; Provide mentoring to start ups; Participate actively in conferences and panel discussions.

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